Cancellation Policy

Cancellation and Refunds

Custom Website Design Services – All Custom Work

We take retainers on our custom website design services. In the event you experience severe circumstances and need to cancel your project, if we have not yet begun work on your project, refunds can be considered upon request. If we HAVE begun work on your project, in most cases, your entire deposit is nonrefundable. Final payment is due before launch of our designs on your own server.

Abandonment Policy

Retainers are also nonrefundable for clients who fail to contact us or respond to our communications for a period of 30 days and we reserve the right to consider a project abandoned by client and cancel the project after 30 days of non-communication. Email is considered a good-faith effort to communicate.

Clients who abandon their projects via non-communication can reinstate them by paying a reinstatement fee of no less than $500.

Mobile Websites – Optimizing Your Current Site

We take retainers on our mobile optimized sites as well. In the event you choose to cancel your project, a refund minus $200 will be considered if the project is canceled within 21 days of build start date.

Mobile App Design –

A retainer is taken for app builds. In the event you choose to cancel your project, a refund minus $200 will be considered if the project is canceled within 21 days of build start date.

Your monthly app maintenance fee includes one set of changes per month. This fee is billed in arrears 30 days after your app goes live in either app store. You may cancel a live app at any time. If you cancel within the first 30 days your app is live in either app store, you will not be charged any portion of the first maintenance fee.

Downloadable Information Products

Stone China Mobile Solutions may occasionally offer downloadable information products at a fixed price. Since information, once received, cannot be “returned,” such products are considered non-refundable unless otherwise expressly stated in the individual product offer. If a refund policy is stated, contact us at to arrange for a refund.


We offer passionate customer service and the promise to make sure your website runs properly at the time it is launched, on the existing software, on Windows and Mac platforms and on current versions of major web browsers.

Stone China Mobile Solutions is not responsible for any loss of income, demonstrable or perceived, due to website downtime. We also do not guarantee that you will receive business from your website or that it will achieve first page SERP ranking.

We create a clean, fast-running, visually appealing design on an easy to use content management system, with the current best practices in SEO baked in.  A website is a tool for marketing, not a magic bullet. Each business is dependent upon its owner, the viability of the business itself and economic fluctuations.


Stone China Mobile Solutions reserves the right to terminate an unlaunched project at any time for any reason at our discretion with a refund of client’s retainer.

Right of Refusal

Stone China Mobile Solutions reserves the right to not accept a project for any reason at any time.

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